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    Just like me you've probably seen some femdom, strapon and female ass worship sites. What I've found lots of them are commercial and thus fairly vanilla, with fake models that just don't cut it.

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    Things like speedy updates and lots of high quality content, member forum and interaction with some dommes are worth to be mentioned.

    Also there is a 3rd female domination site which simply rocks, but it is certainly not for everyone. It features extremely dominant mistresses who are very brutal.

    extreme femdom torture
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    They have very unique content with brutal facesitting, extreme cbt, ass worship, utterly painful humiliation and things alike. You have been warned!

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You Must Learn What Real Extreme Femdom Is Like

Posted by femdomfan on February 4th, 2009

Those wickedly cruel women from Club Extreme Femdom are capable of much more than just extreme cbt. Ever saw a femdom Mistress strapon fuck her slave for some 40+ minutes straight? The deal here is that worthless creature wasn’t allowed to cum and his cock was properly immobilized.

Yet the swine bursted his milk. Now imagine it was you there, would you cum from femdom strapon ass fucking? Would you withstand the imminent punishment with severe anal pain?

For disobedience, extreme femdom Mistress would use a much bigger strapon with electric prod attached to it. She would stick it deep into your ass so hard you’ll remain breathless for almost a minute!

To complicate your breath even further, she would reside her tongue-hungry ass right onto your air-starved lips, and her pussy will cover your nose. You’ll be forced into brutal ass worship.

Forced to lick, suck and breath your femdom Dominatrix pussy and ass with a prod zapping your anus, you’ll be in extremely excruciating situation. Would you like to watch how slaves should be treated, for real? Then read no more and sign up for Extreme Femdom Club instead

extreme ass worship lessons
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Can a Femdom slave Cum Under Extreme CBT?

Posted by femdomfan on January 21st, 2009

Holy crap! I know you too, guys, love truly extreme femdom. Would you dare to sign a slavery contract and get abused like this every day? Today I saw mistresses from my favorite extreme femdom club perform very nasty cbt. It was incredible!

Femdom Dominatrix whipped him so hard that slave’s nutsack was swinging up and down with an amplitude of no less than one feet! In fact it was so painful and neat at the same time that he bursted his semen on her femdom Mistress knee from all the cock caning, whipping and ball torture!

I knew that dominant Ladies from Club Extreme Femdom have dirty minds, but I didn’t imagine they can be both so cruel and creative. I’ll show you what they did in the next update right here!

slave cums under extreme cbt femdom
Check Out These Brutal Femdom Movies Now

It is over a year now that I am a member at this extreme femdom club. Yet sometimes I find myself quite shocked at what those extreme femdom mistresses are capable of. Especially when a slave runs away from the the slave pen unnoticed. Punishments are truly horrible!

Since everything you’ll see at extreme femdom club is very much real and there are no models, beware of cruelty that awaits you! This slave was dumb enough to escape without pants, since his mistress doesn’t allow him to wear any. He was doomed to stay in the bush and didn’t dare to enter the city walls.

Both femdom mistresses briefly discuss if they should just castrate him after painful cbt, but he begs and licks their feet well enough they just decide to whip the hell out of him. For now…

Want to see the whole horrifying story? Would you think that signts of such extreme femdom torture not turn you on? Better stay away then and watch fake models instead.

extreme femdom whippings in the woods
Enter Here If You Dare! Get Ready For Very Evil Whipping And Humiliation Movies!

Blonde Mistress Harmony has her femdom thing going on as she tortures this poor fool in her femdom dungeon. Mistress Harmony is an expert in the area of femdom and uses every tool you can imagine at her disposal. Everything from facesitting to strapon, to whipping and humiliating ass worship, and on and on.

extreme femdom torture

Mistress Harmony Has Wide Array Of Nasty Tools To Treat Her Bitch Boy

She’s not shy of doing some cruel and brutal femdom stuff either. Extreme femdom mistress all for it and this guy gets the treatment in full. She forces him to eat her shaved pussy til he can’t breathe almost. Femdom Dominatrix grinds that cunt into his face calling him names while she does it. She’s already tortured him enough with clothespins and whips and reaming his butt out.

She wants to make sure he really knows who the boss is by scrounging her nasty cunt into his face like a facesitting nightmare! When you have a femdom mistress like Harmony there’s no telling what extreme femdom torture will be in store for you!

brutal facesitting in femdom

Watch Mistress Harmony Teach Poor Slut Who Is The Boss Here

There is a great deal of debate in comments to latest Men In Pain update, where subscribers discuss whenever femdom mistress should fuck a slave, let him wank or even suck his cock. I think femdom in itself has many sub niches, some men love strict, menacing Dominatrix, who would most likely stick to brutal cbt torture, trampling, very strict bondage, harsh punishments and pain.

Other guys enjoy strapon sex, where strapons themselves are fairly small and give them more pleasure than pain. Someone else might prefer to see harsh strapon fucking by absolutely merciless dominatrix, to see slave shiver in extreme anal pain. Other guys love to be beaten and punished by several dominant women at once.

There are dominant women who want complete satisfaction through fucking their male submissives, stroking their cocks and forcing them to cum, perhaps even by giving him head. They might enjoy some minor cbt, trampling or strapon fucking, but they are mostly after sexual pleasure.

I think it’s perfectly *ok* to have a top notch quality femdom site to shoot such ladies fucking and sexually abusing guys, even if it involves a blowjob or having her pussy fucked, as long as she is in full control over her femdom slave.

Here’s a new dose of a kinky femdom facesitting and strapon sex for you: watch gorgeous Mistress Aiden Starr tie up her slave boy and use all he has to offer for her sexual pleasure. I like more extreme femdom myself, but this Lady has such a hot ass that I’d kill to have her smother my face with it so I could lick her sweet buttocks and naughty looking asshole. Enjoy!

strapon mistress with hot ass fucks guy in femdom

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