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  • Three Best Femdom Sites On The Web

    Just like me you've probably seen some femdom, strapon and female ass worship sites. What I've found lots of them are commercial and thus fairly vanilla, with fake models that just don't cut it.

    However these two fem dom sites are an exception, and I can safely claim they were my best investments. As a fellow femdom addict I can recommend you to become a member at both.

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    Things like speedy updates and lots of high quality content, member forum and interaction with some dommes are worth to be mentioned.

    Also there is a 3rd female domination site which simply rocks, but it is certainly not for everyone. It features extremely dominant mistresses who are very brutal.

    extreme femdom torture
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    They have very unique content with brutal facesitting, extreme cbt, ass worship, utterly painful humiliation and things alike. You have been warned!

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Brutal Cbt Pain And Facesitting In These Extreme Femdom Movies

Posted by femdomfan on March 28th, 2008

When you face Mistress Harmony, no matter how much you pay or are willing to satisfy her, you are in no position to demand anything. Only your extreme femdom Mistress has wishes and demands here. She would gladly punch your balls and pull your cock.

Mistress Harmony does not allow you to have an erection, but looking at the naughty bulge residing in your boxers, she tears them apart violently and wraps it in a very tight wire.

She connects your hard cock to the ceiling with the rope painfully stretched, and smacks your balls with her palm till they turn dark red.

don't dare to demand anything from extreme femdom mistress

How Dare Is He To Demand Anything From Such Gorgeous And Brutal Lady?

It’s not over just yet, after nasty cbt bondage, femdom mistress spreads her ass cheeks and smothers your slutty face with her asshole, making sure your nose is buried deep in her soaking pussy. She face-fucks you with all her weight till you are almost passed out.

nasty ass femdom facesitting lesson for a naughty male slut

Click Here To Watch Her Bitch Taught A Nasty Facefucking Lesson Now

Watch Dominatrix Harmony assfuck her femdom slave to the point her strapon moves loosely in what used to be a very tight asshole, then burn his hairy ass with her cigarette.

She smokes fully relaxed and extinguishes her cigarette in the soft spot between his balls and asshole. She is now sure he is going to remember her as most extreme femdom mistress in his life.

See Pussy and Ass Worship Freak Abused In A Cage

Posted by femdomfan on March 7th, 2008

Isn’t it exciting as hell to be fully dominated in femdom by a thin sexy lady with small perky tits and killer sexy looks? She’s half or even 1/3 of your size and her body musculature is less than 1/5 of your strength. Yet you are locked in a small cage and beg for her mercy when she leaves you blindfolded alone in sexual frustration.

kinky pussy worship and cbt slave in a cage

Would She Release Her Slave Or Enjoy Watching Him There?

Once your femdom goddess comes back you notice a jelly strapon in her hands as she rubs it on your face. Immideately a warm feeling strikes your anus and your cock jumps high. You still remember her gentle strapon fucking your ass through the fence of your cage.

You are wrong this time however. Teen femdom dominatrix removes one wrap layer from your gag mask and leaves your mouth open, spreading her legs in front of you. That strapon rests in her other hand…

caged slave forced to worship her ass

Click Here To View Mistress Fuck His Face With Her Pussy While Honing Her Strapon Ready

Watch these incredibly sexy free femdom movies from Clubdom right now and I hope you’ll sign up to enjoy the whole episode.

Most exciting thing that all these femdom cbt, orgasm denial and femdom strapon episodes are not played on a set scenario. They are done for real by true femdom addicts of both genders.

Two mean femdom ladies decided to put their slave through a very rough bondage test – one would fuck him hard, then another femdom mistress would come and inform him this was the last time he ever fucked someone. Simply because cbt games are not as fun anymore with such a weak cock.

femdom ass worship and forced fuck

First Mistress Fucks Him, Testing His Cock And Tells Another Domme Something He’d Better Not Know!

Just think about it, would you be shocked and in awe if your femdom Dominatrix came to such tough decision! And you wouldn’t know for sure if she wasn’t just testing you out.

Who knows, next time she might just do it the next time you fail her! Watch these forced fucking and femdom cbt videos right now and don’t try to piss your Mistress off!

femdom cbt mistress tells him about castration

Don’t Piss Your Mistress Off Or End Up With Jammed Cock And Balls!

Just Watch This New Femdom Strapon Mistress From Men In Pain!

Posted by femdomfan on February 22nd, 2008

Femdom Mistress Lexi Love is new at Men In Pain, but I was truly amazed watching the newest update. She is so enormously creative when it comes to fucking guys with strapon it’s unbelievable.

Just take a look at these femdom strapon videos, where a slave is tied very creatively and swings in ropes when femdom Dominatrix Lexi Love takes care of his innocent ass. Camera flashes her long narrow pussy slit several times and you can see it soaking with pussy juices while she fucks that guy! Yum!

This is why I love Men In Pain so much – they might not have very extreme femdom sets and involve models – but they are always top notch quality and their femdom mistresses are so beautiful you’d be blind or dead not to have an erection watching it all right now.

free femdom strapon fucking movies

Watch Lexi Fuck Her Slave While He Still Struggles All Wrapped In Ropes

Don’t Watch These Ass Worship Pictures Before Going To Bed !

Posted by femdomfan on February 8th, 2008

You were warned! I watched these femdom ass worship and strapon play pics and movies and became sleepless. I am sure you’ll get an insomnia too unless you manage to cum at least twice.

Imagine yourself tied to the floor in a gym by a strict femdom Mistress! Your cock and balls are bare and your ass is ready for strapon torture. Though femdom mistress doesn’t come just yet. She wants to smother your face and make you her ass worship slave. You’d better stick your tongue out right now to avoid a harsh kick in your balls.

wicked femdom ass and pussy worship scene

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See if you’ll also have to cum after watching these ass worship pics now… I am almost certain you’ll simply have to unload.