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  • Three Best Femdom Sites On The Web

    Just like me you've probably seen some femdom, strapon and female ass worship sites. What I've found lots of them are commercial and thus fairly vanilla, with fake models that just don't cut it.

    However these two fem dom sites are an exception, and I can safely claim they were my best investments. As a fellow femdom addict I can recommend you to become a member at both.

    Visit Men In Pain
    Check Out Male Captive

    Things like speedy updates and lots of high quality content, member forum and interaction with some dommes are worth to be mentioned.

    Also there is a 3rd female domination site which simply rocks, but it is certainly not for everyone. It features extremely dominant mistresses who are very brutal.

    extreme femdom torture
    Visit Club Fem Dom Right Now

    They have very unique content with brutal facesitting, extreme cbt, ass worship, utterly painful humiliation and things alike. You have been warned!

  • Extreme Strapon Fuck!

    Do you know how it feels when a gang of horny femdom strapon mistresses want to grab your naughty looking ass and fuck the hell out of you with those oversized strapons?

  • Humiliated In Extreme Femdom Prison

    Have you ever been taken to femdom prison, where dominant Mistress would love to torture and fuck you as hard as she can? Extremely kinky and degrading!

    Click Here To See Powerful Ladies Humiliate Their Helpless Prisoners!

Femdom Mistress Penny Flame plays with her slaves as if she was a food-stuffed cat playing with mice out of the boredom. You cannot even imagine how many hours of pure pleasure you get watching femdom and cbt movies with her and other gorgeous, ENGLISH speaking Mistresses at Men In Pain!

Compare it with vanilla junk served almost everywhere else and you will never be looking back! Complete orgasm denial or many many forced strapon orgasms instead? What is it going to be this time with goddess Penny Flame? Don’t wait and check it out today!

wicked femdom goddess Penny Flame

Goddess Penny Flame Testing Her Slave’s Endurance By Milking His Cock For Long Time. Would She Let Him Cum Without Crushing His Balls?

See Wicked Femdom Mistress Having Fun With CBT

Posted by femdomfan on January 25th, 2008

Have you ever had your hard pecker stroked by truly gorgeous Mistress? Have you ever experienced it wanked really fast and violent? It will be all sweaty a the end, when your femdom mistress allows you to cum! Or maybe not, as Dominatrix might decide otherwise.

strict femdom dominatrix practicing anal and cbt
Click Here To Imagine Such Mean Lady Kicking, Milking And Torturing Your Cock Till You Can’t Keep Yourself From Cumming Anymore!
What about forcing you into cumming on her black polished boots? She expects you to lick it all off completely clean, while at the same time she rubs a large strapon dildo in her hands, thinking if your ass hole can accomodate it.

So much pain awaits you if you fail to please your femdom mistress! You will see it all today if you check ClubDom right now. Most violent cock stroking and painful cbt I’ve managed to find for you on the entire web!

Utterly sadistic femdom mistresses at Clubdom feel no awe in abusing their male subs in most excruciating ways ever imaginable. This wayward slave was trained into ass worship and pony play for months, but didn’t like his duty and escaped the stable a few days ago. Since then he was desperately trying to return.

Mistress Coral is absolutely heartless when it comes to disobedient slaves running away from their rightful mistresses. She ties this useless worm to the cross and attaches heavy weights to his cock and balls.

To make him look even more pathetic, Mistress Coral wraps a tight bra around his chest, laughing out loud and cruelly slapping the face of her worm.

cruel cbt mistress caught her slave

Wicked Domme Tied Her Wayward Slave To The Cross With Heavy Weights Stretching His Balls To The Ground

She whips his tummy and pinches his nipples so hard his balls begin to dangle around despite heavy weights still intact. With a smile on her face, brutal femdom mistress calmly informs him that next time he runs off, she is going to castrate him.

She punches his belly several more times, finishing what seems to be never-ending cbt session, and unties him that the slave is on his fours. Mistress Coral puts the handle of her cattle whip into the slave’s mouth, mounts him and rides home.

Unfortunately, she simply forgot to remove the weights attached to slave’s balls, but as he’s gagged and speechless, there is nothing he can do about it.

painful femdom videos: cbt on the cross
Click Here To Watch Extremely Painful Dick Torture And Belly Whippings
There are plenty of femdom sites devoted to cbt, ass worship, strapon, foot, and other aspects to female domination and slave training. None beats Clubdom however in severe brutality and original creativity of their femdom dominatrices.

Maybe this is because they are not models but actual femdom practicing women? Spot on, I absolutely love watching their dark femdom rituals.

Violent Impotence Treatment By Sadistic Femdom Mistress

Posted by femdomfan on January 11th, 2008

Real femdom mistress has her own ways to ensure full erection of her male submissive. As you’re tied in very tight strappado, your ass will be spanked and whipped by femdom dominatrix till it becomes fully red in it’s color.

Tying you to the bed and smothering your face with her ass dominatrix wants to teach you some basics of ass worship.

tight femdom cbt videos

Tight Ropes, Spanking and Violent Cock Abuse Is Her Method. Click Here!

Once you’re almost passed out, femdom mistress lightens the pressure. First your cock is stroken so violently it hurts and feels swollen. Second, mistress spreads and fucks you slowly until she’s completely satisfied.

Imagine you were a repairman and one of your clients was angry-looking dominant wife who’s into CFNM. Her husband probably escaped her under some glib work-related excuse, and now this dominatrix just seeks a new fucktoy to play with.

Do you often expect when you visit a woman that she’s just gonna spread her legs and ask you to lick her soaking pussy? What if as you begin the cunnilingus, she becomes more and more horny, pressing your face really hard on her smelly twat.

hungry femdom facesitting wife

Look At What This Crazy Hympho Wife Does To Repairmen

Suddenly you find your wrists being tied as she smothers you with her cunt. Desperate for breath, you try your best to please this nymphomaniac, who adores when a man’s face is fully buried under her burning crotch.

Femdom Mistress Gwen is an expert at verbal domination, she doesn’t even need extra BDSM equipment to degrade a man into fully submissive slut, obeying her most dirty and un-imaginable wishes.

Trust me you’ll have an absolute blast watching this scene when a repairman gets brutally face-fucked by her cunt.

kinky verbal femdom humiliatrix

Check Out This Link For Six Free Forced Cunnilingus And Ball Crushing Movies

It gets very thrilling as his balls are crushed while his ass is fucled thoroughly with a strapon. And you’ll really enjoy when at the end femdom Mistress Gwen doesn’t even let this poor sucker cum, simply kicking him outta her house half-naked with his cock still fully erect. So deliciously humiliating cut off you won’t believe your eyes!